Innovation in Business Summit is for Startup pitching to investors

A major purpose of this innovation summit is to encourage startup growth. The event invites startups from technology and sustainability sectors to take the stage for a limited time each and pitch their business to a panel of experienced, resourceful, and eager investors who would express their interest in a startup, provide feedback, and take up one startup each to support with funding and process oriented guidance. If you are investor ready, if you are keen on growing, if you believe your startup is innovative, and an investor would like to have you as his business, register for the summit.

The summit offers

  • A fair chance for networking in the technology and sustainability business eco-system of Dubai
  • An opportunity to take lead and stand out among other businesses
  • Win an innovation award in your niche by presenting the uniqueness of your startup business
  • Win investment for your startup
  • Qualify for a three months mentor ship workshops program

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