Building the ultimate online sales page that converts can be a process to say the least. Not only do you have to know the best lead generation practices, but also what your target audience wants.

Constantly test your decisions to figure what really works with your target market by testing different sales pages. When you build a sales page that converts, you basically rid the need to find potential clients – they come to you. Traffic without conversions doesn’t mean much, you need customers to buy your offerings.

This outlines the importance of lead generation techniques to meet customer needs. The first step to building an online sales page is to know your target audience and what they want, while the second is to use your content to convert traffic into leads.

Make your offers clear and concise

A complex offer can deter potential customers. If they don’t understand your offerings, they won’t hang around long to decipher what you’re trying to put across.

Your online sales page needs the perfect headline – something visitors won’t refuse. Include the benefits of your offer before you explain what you are selling.

Lead Capture

Chances are: many of your visitors won’t return if you fail to capture some information from them. The best you can ask for is an email address, but not all visitors will be keen on giving such personal information. Call to action (CTA) buttons such as “Sign Up” have become tantamount to “We will Spam You,” this is why online marketers need to find different ways to capture visitor information.

Lead Magnets

An effective customer lifecycle will require an optimization of the visitor-to-lead conversion process. Unfortunately there still is a gap between traffic generation and lead generation, which tends to result in one-time visitors neglecting your efforts to capture their information and not hearing from you again.

Lead magnets can seal the gap. These tools provide value for your traffic in return for their contact information. Online businesses use lead magnets like subscriptions, social media follows and email opt-ins to see of interest from their website’s visitors. The objective is get permission from their visitors to follow-up. Examples include free:

  • Webinars
  • Training videos
  • eBooks
  • Trials
  • Interviews with experts on relevant topics
  • Bonus tips
  • White papers

These free tools will entice visitors to your offerings, giving you the opportunity to obtain their email addresses and to educate them about your online business.

Build and Optimize your Sales Conversion Funnel

The online sales page you build should represent a part of your total conversion funnel. Your funnel needs to be centered on your target audience. Customer behavior detects how your sales funnel will look. For instance, your sales funnel will be shorter if you’re selling hiking shoes than a high-end computer.

Optimize each part of your conversion funnel such that, when visitors arrive at your sales page, they are ready to convert. They’ve all they need to make an instant decision.

Create a FAQ Section

These are very useful for any online business, especially on a sales page. Some of the world’s largest websites have FAQs, and there’s no reason why your sales page shouldn’t have one.

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