If you are not using LinkedIn to build your business you are certainly missing out big time!

LinkedIn is the world’s leading business professional social media networking platform. It is the perfect venue where companies acquire talent, do their content marketing and also perform other functions that are propagative. This article is geared towards the business-oriented individuals who are keen on marinating relevance, acquiring fresh leads and selling opportunities as well as those who are interested in keeping their career options open.

Do you know that everyone can benefit from LinkedIn profile optimization and stronger personal branding?

Find out how your social selling index in LinkedIn is formulated:

  • Set up your professional brand 

You should focus on having an “All Star” LinkedIn profile rating.

Find out what the social selling index on LinkedIn is

One of the first steps to succeed in this endeavor is to have your profile thoroughly completed. You should also have some endorsements from your networks or connections as well as some thoughtful keyword-smart content. Having some considerable connections/followers will also enhance your profile optimization.

You can also influence the LinkedIn algorithm to find out that you are a team player by participating in the career advice platform as this will show that you are adding value to the LinkedIn community.

  • Are you building a quality network?

You will be considered to be building a quality network on LinkedIn when the connection that you have are people you have connected with slowly over time. It is best to connect with people who subscribe to your same industry and perhaps those you know personally. You could then bolster your relationship with the second-degree connections. Second degree-connections in LinkedIn are those connections you get connected with from your first-degree connections. You may not know them personally but got connected with them from your 1st – degree connections. You can build good relationships with 2nd – degree connections and change them to first connections. Basically the bottom line here is quality over quantity.

  • Take advantage of LinkedIn Insights available for premium users

If you are premium LinkedIn user, why not take advantage of the salient features that the premium version offers. One of the features offered for the premium users is insights. Unfortunately though, most premium users of LinkedIn don’t know about the large amount of tools available for them. By engaging with insights for instance, and also with content posted by others, your score will greatly improve. You need to therefore not just use LinkedIn premium only to get the in-mail feature alone but explore other features it offers like insights.

  • Foster relationships

Take advantage of the engagement metrics that LinkedIn shares with you and once you find out that others are viewing your content or materials, just keep the good work up. Enhance your endeavor of building new relationships and also further your engagement with your existing contacts as this will solidify your influencer attributes and help shoot up your score over time.

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